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1 , Overview:
      Jiangmen Regent Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of China's major pulp and paper equipment manufacturing enterprises. Companies planning land 80 acres, the project has been completed and the plant area 18000m2. The company has a machine shop , sheet metal shop , CNC machining workshop, sieve drum workshop and assembly workshop , one each to form a processing capacity of 250,000 tons / year of waste paper pulp production line .
      The company is located west of the Pearl River Delta famous hometown ---- Jiangmen City, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao , from Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen , Zhuhai, Hong Kong , Macao and other places , just 80 minutes drive from the left , and strategic location, transportation is very convenient.
2 , Advantage :
     ( 1 ) After long-term accumulation of production , Regent light machine design, development, production, sales and service have a distinct competitive advantage. We built a specialized CNC machining workshop, laser cutting workshop, advanced test bed and CAD design center, can be individually designed according to the mechanical characteristics of each different manufacturers ; simultaneously to quickly meet the needs of users.
     ( 2 ) complete product line, new product development and product improvement faster speed to establish R & D center has greatly accelerated the pace of new product development , improve the success rate of new products for the domestic pulp and paper machinery when competing with foreign products provide effective protection .
     ( 3 ) capable of mass production assembly line pulping process , and maintain product quality ten years remained stable.
     ( 4 ) Since 2006 , Regent light equipment in the domestic market, the cumulative sales of more than 1,000 units , sieve over 5000 , the pressure sieve frame over 4000 , in the minds of users have a good reputation.
     ( 5 ) after-sales service system throughout the country , technical support in place , making the problem devices are able to get timely resolution of problems encountered by users fast response speed. This advantage is further expanded its influence , " Regent " brand strength , not only around the country , but also to the world. Currently, the " Regent " has been in Southeast Asia, Northwest Europe , North and South America , Oceania and other gathered a large number of loyal customer groups :
3 , the establishment of Institute
      The company also intends to vote heavily in the construction of pulp and paper equipment engineering and technology research and development center, to increase the pulp and paper machinery development efforts, technology development and product development will be separated from the ability to improve the company's original innovation , reaching an average of four patents, three speed the development of new products into production ; established within the paper industry in the field of papermaking equipment is an important research base , it 's test Center Institute of Technology as the basis, in accordance with the technical standards for the construction and management of national laboratories , configuration complete , world-class testing and laboratory equipment, fully in line with international standards.
      To ensure that the company's products meet international standards of performance, functionality and reliability requirements from the means test . " Endless innovation " is our slogan, but also the portrayal of the company's technology innovation , past achievements make us confident about the future , during the "Eleventh Five-Year" We will firmly grasp the historical opportunity of the great development of China Sewing Machinery , continue to strengthen technological innovation to enhance the comprehensive ability of the company to adapt to market development , aimed at the world advanced level, build the company into an international standards with a strong core competitiveness of high-tech companies.
4, advanced metal surface treatment technology.
      Regent Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangmen plan in early 2013 and Feehan ( Hong Kong ) Holdings Limited subsidiary , located in Jiangmen Xinhui Yamen plating base Feehan Plating Co. cooperation . All products use advanced technology for surface treatment, so that with the appearance of a more perfect production , longer life.

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