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Looking back on a decade of sword --- Regent light

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Jiangmen Regent Light Industry Machinery Co. was originally a manufacturer of bearing accessories and carried a small plant bearing repair services , driven by Feng Zhong , general manager of the formula , after more than a dozen of continuous hard work, innovation , the development  of southern China's largest pulp and paper machinery manufacturing enterprises.

     The company now covers an area of ​​19800 m2, building area of ​​over 8000 m2, has a group of skilled and experienced professional and technical personnel papermaking equipment and long-term cooperation with famous universities and other research institutes and Design Institute , relying on their skills and talents advantages, combined with advanced production technology , is committed to the development, manufacture and sale of paper-making machinery. Over the past decade , our products have been tested and tend to gradually develop and perfect, has been widely used in many fields in the paper industry , and excellent product quality, reasonable prices and perfect after-sale service in the industry enjoys high reputation , the products are exported all over the country .
     Established in 1994 , initially mainly in the production plant bearing parts and repair service oriented. In 1999 the company began producing drum sieve , after ten years of development, has accumulated a wealth of manufacturing experience.
     In order to meet the evolving needs , in 2003 the company invested 25 million yuan , and the human resources strategy for the development of the new additions to the device . In 2004, high-tech development zone in Jiangmen invested to build a new plant , and renamed Regent Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangmen . Accessories to complete the process by the gradual transformation of the processing equipment . Is now able to produce pulp and complete production line equipment , the development of the largest pulp and paper equipment manufacturer in southern China . A computer management company through the ISO9001-2000 certification, and was named " Top Ten nationally known pulping equipment famous brand products", Jiangmen City, "the contract, the word" units ; Jiangmen City, private technology enterprises.

     In 2005, the company in addition to the main company in Jiangmen , also in Dongguan, Guangdong, Zhejiang Fuyang , Shandong Zibo , Xi'an opened a sales office , to further expand the scope of sales , a full range of products to the domestic market and exported to Southeast Asian countries .
Jiangmen Regent in the years of development , adhere to the introduction of absorption and self-developed technology path , and vigorously enhance product development capabilities.
     December 2006 in cooperation with the Guangdong Industry Technical College established the " Jiangmen City Pulp and Paper Equipment Engineering Technology Research and Development Center ." Marriage and universities to carry out school-enterprise activities and build research institutions , training base. Use strong force personnel and research universities with their own advantages of flexible mechanisms , in the digestion and absorption of the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, advanced technology, the development of new technologies, new products, a number of important achievements with independent intellectual property rights. At present , the company has two products obtained patents ; addition, there are six kinds of products applied for a patent . Improve new product development capabilities, while also providing for young college teachers and social practice stage , the effective realization of production , learning and research in organic combination , and received strong support Jiangmen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau .

Paper Association experts to guide
     On the training of technical personnel , Jiangmen Regent and universities through cooperation , the establishment of a high-efficiency , high-quality product development team has developed in various fields has been basically leader . After the introduction, digestion and absorption of the domestic stage , as well as ongoing joint development phase after the increase in Jiangmen Regent will enter the construction phase of self-development capacity within five years . Pulp and Paper Research Institute was established equipment , set up in Jiangmen City, pulp and paper equipment research and development center , a series of major initiatives are making the development of independent innovation Jiangmen Regent 's ability to get an unprecedented leap.
     Regent Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangmen After several major technological transformation of engineering, currently has a production layout five production areas ( sheet metal shop, shop fitters , machine shop , sieve drum workshops , assembly debugging workshop ) and a technical development center . The company now has more than 20 automated CNC machining equipment , Qi heavy double column vertical lathes, horizontal screen sided balancing machines, CNC milling machine , CNC machining centers and other large-scale production equipment , and a variety of lathes, milling machines, planer, grinder , presses and other machine tools.
The company mainly produces paper pulping equipment , such as pulping equipment : D -type hydraulic pulper , high concentration Hydrapulper , vertical low-enriched Hydrapulper , drum hydrapulper ; beating equipment : JHL hydraulic disc refiner , JH type of consistency refiner ; screening equipment : dual front drum sieve sieve low pulse , up-flow pressure screen , fiber sizing screen , the outer rotor flow pressure screen and other screening equipment and drum sieve , sieve ; waste paper pulping equipment : helical spiral concentrator , spiral squeeze pulp , disc concentrator, gravity rotary concentrator , ZNS series double nip TWP machine, heat disperser single roll , double roll heat dispersion , disc heat disperser .
     The company 's recent sales performance are: Foshan Huafeng Paper Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Branch , Zhongshan Industrial Paper Co., Ltd. , Dongguan Mega Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. 120,000 tons of corrugated line , double- Island Paper Co., Ltd. in Dongguan , Dongguan Ruihua Ltd. 150,000 tons of corrugated paper , etc. Paper Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hongda dozen projects .
     In 2007 the company began to enter the international market , at present, is working with Vietnam , Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries to negotiate agents , is expected to begin large exports to these countries by the end of 2007 and will focus on the paper industry in these countries compared to send large areas.
     In 2005, the company passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Therefore, the company from product design , manufacturing , installation, commissioning strict implementation of all aspects of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification standards. Each department has also developed a departmental responsibilities , and strengthen the company's internal management. In addition, the company invested more than 100 million in 2004 to design and manufacture a set of equipment debugging platform products before the company , go through the debug platform for testing to ensure product quality to meet customer requirements.

     In order to improve the company 's service levels, enhance the company 's brand awareness, Regent special company set up a " service department " and the establishment of a customer file . Service department personnel will participate in the customer's equipment installation , irregularly on customer usage tracking visits, and timely solutions to customer appears in the device during use problems. Meanwhile, the company based on customer feedback and actual production equipment problems , and constantly improve the equipment . Enabling customers to get better products and best service .
    The service department was established between the production department, sales department established a smooth channel for customer complaints , closer dialogue with our customers from the company ; company has been doing aimed at resolving customer disputes , corporate brand building and maintenance business image, enhance corporate reputation .
     Become a trusted good company, is Regent 's greatest wish . Pursuing a " customer first " purpose, committed to the development , research and production of high quality goods , creating a high level of production conditions for the paper company, is our responsibility.
1.2007 , the company 's goal is to further improve product quality and expand market share.
2 . Investment , cooperation, new construction and renovation and other forms, the company formed less than management system.
3 . By "heavy science, heavy personnel , heavy, weight management ," the modern development of strategic thinking , the company 's five-year growth rate to a higher level .
4 . The company into a professional manufacture of pulp and paper machinery, assembly equipment modification technology, advanced product development, integrated services as one of the professional enterprises, the device in the form of complete production lines into paper companies , and for the majority of papermaking enterprises to provide better service .

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